New Hoellstern 10.4-DSP system amplifier now available

The family of Hoellstern system amplifiers has now been given a powerful addition: the new 10.4-DSP system amplifier is available. The new model is an extremely powerful 4-channel DSP amplifier with over 5,300 watts at 2 ohms per channel and includes the 2 ohms load stability which is typical for Hoellstern®.

The new high-performance amplifier is suitable for both fixed installations and mobile use. And with a weight of 12.5 kg and enclosure dimensions like the existing 4-channel models, it is compatible with the proven 4-channel and 8-channel touring racks and patch bays.

With the free K2 software, users can easily set up the amplifier in the network and configure desired setups and DSP settings in no time at all.
Thanks to the outstanding temperature- and current-stable 2.7 ohm and 2 ohm performance, highly efficient sound reinforcement solutions can be realized that maintain their high dynamics without “pumping” even with heavy material and summery temperatures. Of course, the new model also comes with the usual 5-year warranty in accordance with the warranty conditions.

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