Hoellstern amplifiers

  • Audiophile

    You may describe the performance as you please. The fact is: there’s a risk of becoming addicted. Who has ever mixed a good band on a quality console with Hoellstern amplifiers and good loudspeakers, will no longer want to use any other amps. Caution: There’s a risk of acute addictiveness!

    Owing to many technical details, high-grade parts and designs from the aerospace and automotive industry, Hoellstern amplifiers have been known as excellent, dynamic and controlled loudspeaker drives since 2004. Sound engineers are impressed time and again with the open sound and acoustical in-the-face performance of loudspeakers and sound reinforcement systems driven by Hoellstern amplifiers.


  • Compact, light-weight and robust

    Since 2004 all Hoellstern amplifiers have been built 100 % touring-proof into very high-quality 19″ 2U steel housings with approx. 30 cm (12 in.) mounting depth. The short installation depth and relatively low weight make amp racks compact and light-weight. That way your Hoellstern amplifier becomes a perfect companion and is also ideally suited for your rental business.

  • Super cool – output instead of heat

    The consistent Hoellstern technology with an efficiency twice as high allows a safe operation on 16 A Schuko power outlets. Supported by a great load stability, the high peak current capacity and large energy buffers enable huge output powers. Hoellstern means an effective, strong and dynamic loudspeaker control instead of 32 A mains connectors and a lot of hot air. Hoellstern amplifiers are efficient and green products.

  • Fast and flexible – DSP inside

    A DSP library with more than 500 loudspeaker blocks from over 35 different DSP controllers and system amplifiers makes configuring a DSP memory location via drag & drop as easy as ABC. With the Konfigurator2 software experienced users create a complete, new 4-channel memory location including routing, upload, activation and demuting in less than 45 seconds.

  • Service – Brilliantly future-proof

    The needs-based maintenance and evolution of the Konfigurator2 loudspeaker library is a brilliant service for rental companies. The entire bandwidth of loudspeakers can be operated through the Hoellstern amplifier platform. Moreover, customer-specific loudspeaker blocks will be made available under “Custom“ in Konfigurator2. Also easy going.

  • 2-ohm capable? 2-ohm suitable?

    All Hoellstern amplifiers are neither 2-ohm capable nor 2-ohm suitable. Because the words “capable“ and “suitable“ don’t describe the mighty perfection with which Hoellstern amplifiers can be run on 2.7 ohms and 2 ohms, no matter if in winter at -30 °C (-20 °F) on Lake Baikal or at +40 °C (105 °F) on the summer meadow at a merciless hardstyle techno event. Only the Hoellstern 8.4-DSP is limited to 4 ohms.