Software K2 Download

Hoellstern Software K2

Please always keep the Konfigurator software K2 up to date.

Before installing a new K2 version, export the projects with the previous version. Then uninstall the old version and check a successful uninstallation and delete manually if necessary. Then install the current K2 version and import the K2 projects.

K2 checks the integrity of the data: any error and warning messages must be observed and must not be ignored. The project data are generally not backward compatible, so they must not be edited with older K2 versions.

The software K2 is executable on Windows computers starting from WIN7 and on Apple computers starting from the version 10.10. Yosemite.

For further questions about the software K2, loudspeaker libraries, sound systems and system solutions please contact As the manufacturer, our competent support will respond promptly.

Inquiries from interested parties who have not yet had contact with Hoellstern support, please include full contact information with all inquiries.

Protected: Software K2 for
Windows 32 Bit
Size: 27MB
Version: 1.84
Protected: Software K2 for
Windows 64 Bit
Size: 27 MB
Version: 1.84
Protected: Software K2 for
Mac OS
Size: 55 MB
Version: 1.84