• Warranty Statement & Policy

    All our products are made by Hoellstern GmbH and guaranteed to be free from defects in components and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years, starting from the date on which the product was first purchased from an authorised Hoellstern dealer or distributor.

    Should a malfunction occur during the  warranty period, we shall undertake to repair the product at our cost or replace it, at our option, free of charge to the customer, provided the device is returned undamaged and postage-free to an authorised service point or directly to our factory.

    This warranty shall become void if one of the following manipulations is carried out on the product or upon exposing it to one of the following circumstances:

    • opening of devices
    • repair works or physical alterations by persons other than those authorised by us
    • mechanical damage including transport damages
    • war, riots, abuse and improper handling
    • operation on incorrect mains voltage
    • incorrect wiring
    • improper accessories and incorrect use of accessories
    • operation on deficient peripheral units
    • operation under adverse weather conditions.

    This warranty shall not apply to wear and tear within normal limits. Devices where the serial number was removed or effaced on purpose, will not be qualified for any services covered by warranty.

    Hoellstern GmbH cannot be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages. The responsibility of Hoellstern GmbH is limited solely to the product. Hoellstern GmbH will not assume any responsibility for any losses resulting from cancellation of an event, rental of substitute equipment or costs due to profit losses on behalf of third parties or a customer or any other indirect costs or losses whatsoever.

    Hoellstern GmbH reserves the right to technical or production-related changes or improvements without any obligation to change or improve products that were previously manufactured.

    This  warranty is exclusive and no other  warranty shall be expressed or implied. This  warranty does not affect your legal rights. Please contact your supplier for specific regional information, as the rights and disclaimers may differ between countries.

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